About us

At koi, we're crazy about great design—modern, practical design for everyday life. We love putting our own creative spin on stuff you interact with every day, like clothing, sheets, pillows and things around your home.

On this website, you'll find designer items from our koi home collection, along with unique products from around the world, handpicked by our founder and designer-in-chief, Kathy Peterson.

At koi, our mission is to create stuff that people love. We love taking what's ordinary and turning it into something amazing and memorable. We're all about designing happiness and creating products that reflect our philosophy of beautiful, practical design.

About Kathy Peterson

Kathy Peterson, koi's founder and designer in chief, has been designing happiness for over 20 years. Before developing her koi lifestyle brand, Kathy's design career has included everything from designing for iconic fashion labels like Guess to creating her own successful designer scrubs brand to partnering with leading lifestyle brands including Ecko and tokidoki. Kathy grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently resides and designs in Los Angeles, California.